A peek at my pop-up studio—this could be your office!

A peek at my pop-up studio—this could be your office!

Where will I go for my session?

Businesses: I bring the studio to you! All I need is access to an outlet and a clear space (conference room, lobby, I’ve worked just about everywhere) plus about 30 minutes to set up. If you prefer environmental/natural light headshots we can utilize the space inside and surrounding your office.

Individuals: Outdoor/natural light sessions can happen anywhere in the greater Seattle area. Studio sessions are available in downtown Issaquah.

How should I prepare?

When you book your session I’ll send over my Headshot Style Guide. It’s loaded with tips and best practices from my research for what personal appearance choices work best for headshots. What do I mean by “work best”? I mean looking, at a split-second glance, confident, professional, like you belong in your industry, and clearly have got your shit together (aka: like a boss).

You can also bring multiple outfits to your session and we can decide on the fly which one photographs the best and conveys the right message.

Do you recommend hair and make-up?

I don’t, and for good reason:

Building trust and credibility in business requires setting and meeting expectations so it’s important that you look in your headshot like you look in person. If someone meets you in person after having seen your headshot and they feel surprised, you’re off to a terrible start. That means your hair and makeup target is your everyday best, not polished perfection.

RETOUCHING: before / after

RETOUCHING: before / after

Do you retouch?

Yes indeed! I retouch all final images super gently so you look your best but nobody will know you’ve been photoshopped.

Again—your headshot should look like you look in person. My retouching usually involves a little teeth whitening, smoothing skin, lightening dark circles, etc..

How soon will I get my finished headshot?

However soon you need it! We’ll coordinate during booking so turnaround times align with your goals and deadlines.

If you’re in a furious hurry we can sit down together and select final image(s) directly after your session so you’ll have them by the end of that same day.

If you’re in no rush I’ll send you a link to an online gallery and you can select final image(s) at your leisure.