Hi, I’m Andrea.

I’m on a mission to become my best possible self


I plan to kick back as an old lady and say, ‘hell. yes.’ about what I did and who I became. Plus, rock solid confidence and general badassery feel pretty damn good in the present.

Over time I’ve noticed the most frequent obstacle to my progress is unnecessary uncertainty (and it’s ugly sister, anxiety).

I grew up in the era of “everyone is a special snowflake” and “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Come to find out, there are some really profound ways in which we are definitely not special snowflakes and one thing we most certainly are doing is judging 100% of books by their covers.

I have science to thank for debunking these grade school myths, particularly evolutionary psychology, which is my (nerd alert) adult passion and reading obsession.

On the one hand, this information can be pretty unsettling: so you’re saying many of my challenges aren’t unique and if I put a shitty cover on my book nobody will read it??

On the other hand: what a relief!

If my problems aren’t unique they suddenly become much easier to solve.

If I know nobody will read my book if they don’t make it past the cover I sure as hell won’t slap a haphazard cover on it.

I don’t know about you but when I have a solid understanding about what is going on both inside and around me, I make better choices with a higher degree of certainty that they will yield the outcomes I want.

I guess less and I get better results.

And that makes me more confident which is like rocket fuel to the personal growth fire.


It's the perfect intersection of my drive for understanding, my love of people, and my formal training in fine art (BA) and education (MA). Applying the discoveries of my ongoing personal growth journey, visually, in service of others on their personal growth journeys? That’s textbook win-win.

Your headshot is like your professional book cover. Let’s get you set up with an effective one.