headshots that WORK

Your headshot is a powerful business asset that is constantly working (or not working) to open doors and help you reach your goals.

We’ve synthesized research across neuroscience and human psychology to create a formula for the perfect headshot. No more guesswork, no uncertainty.

Put your perfect headshot to work so you can focus on what you're good at. 



Partnering with clients like:

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Bias people toward you


Get noticed

Stand out in a sea of other faces. We studied heatmaps and data on how people browse and respond to visual information to create our formula for headshots that catch quickly-moving eyes.


Trigger approach instincts

No combination of words communicates warmth and positive intent as strongly as facial expression and body language. We'll show you how to leverage specific cues so people can't help but want to meet you.


Set the tone

Establish competence, professionalism and trust so you always get that first meeting or interview. We'll coach you on how to present yourself so you are perceived unquestionably as the boss that you are.

The Perfect Team Photo


Your team is growing and evolving. To create a durable asset that will grow and evolve with you, we make a composite image by seamlessly merging individual photos. This ensures we get everyone looking their absolute best and lets us easily modify the image when people leave or join the team.


Before & After


Get it Done

We want to see people succeed. To make killer headshots accessible for everyone we offer 3 types of sessions:


On-site Team Sessions 

Show your people how much you value them and be confident they are making the right impressions by setting them up with perfect headshots without having to leave the office. We bring our studio to you and work through all or part of your team in one swoop. Plus we handle all the logistics for minimal disruption to workflow.  

Headshot Pop-Ups

Come to one of our pop-ups for a compressed experience with all the benefits. We set our studio up at a convenient location and offer mini-sessions at discounted group rates. You get access to all our prep tips and expertise, about 10 minutes of shoot time (we've got this so dialed, that's all we need), and you end up your perfect shot within about a week.  



Solo Sessions

Come to our studio for a session custom-tailored for your specific goals and uses. Choose from three levels ranging from quick and dirty for that one killer profile pic to extended sessions for a library of images dialed for specific audiences.We've got you covered for press releases, personal branding, and everything in between.